An apartment house in St. Petersburg

An apartment house in the heart of St. Petersburg

1909 — A construction of the apartment building. An extremely popular investment of money in the early XX century. The architector is Semen Belyakov. The modern brick. Apartment houses were built as well as pay off quickly. (Yukhneva Catherine. Petersburg apartment houses. Sketches from the history of life. 2008—Ocherki-iz-istorii-byta—/)
1912 — The house has already revenue. A householder (owner) was Gabriel Külpe .

After 1918 — the nationalization of apartment houses. They engaged to home ownership house committees. These homes quickly turned into a Soviet communal apartment.
09/08/1941 — This house’s residents tried to live in the Leningrad’s blockade.

Winter 1941-1942  — a famine in the city, the first hardest winter.
A statistics of deaths during winter 1941-1942:
November 1941 — 1 person
December 1941 — 5 people
January 1942 — 4 people
February 1942 — 6 people
March 1942 — 9 people
April 1942 — 5 people
May 1942 — 6 people
June 1942 — 3 people
July 1942 — 2 people
Total is 41 people. The information from the Memory ‘blockade’ Book ( It is possible to search by last names, addresses, places of burial).

27/01/1944 — The residents welcomed the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad.

Best regards,

Anastasia Dmitrienko PhD

Aleksandr Belik PhD


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