Several links to WWII

We would like to put some links to the sites. An information contained on them influenced our interest to the history of the WWII. We hope that they will be useful to those who did not know about them.
We should be grateful for any links to the databases devoted to the people of the World War II.


The site of «Kontakte-Контакты» association places simultaneously curious and very threatening letters of the»victims of Nazism». Another face of war. Association engaged in several humanitarian projects, including the search any  information and assistance to the prisoners of war.

Documentation Centre — scientific institution Saxon Memorials attends with a memory of the victims of political terror (Dresden) and also engaged in clarifying of the fate caught in the Nazi camps. Their website presents various databases, for example, the Soviet prisoners of the war:

A Center «Falstad» (Falstadsenteret) from Norway implements the project «Military graves looking for names». The site has the opportunity to seek information about Soviet people of war graves in Norway since World War II.

Lithuanian Association of Military History «Forgotten Soldiers» is a site with information about soldiers’ search in Lithuania. There is a list of soldiers found by the association.

Ukrainian electronic database Memorial Book, 1941-1945. The site includes background information about the various events of the Second World War in Ukraine. There are stories of soldiers how to seek a missing soldier on Ukraine’s Memory Book.

Searching of  books of Memory Soviet military events of the XX century can be done online. In the site of  «The Patriot», which produces them. Search by time intervals 1923-1939, 1939-1940, 1946-1982.

Internet resource «Winter War» contains information (photos, documents, etc.) about the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-1940. The website has a database of irrevocable loss of Soviet soldiers.

Best regards,

Anastasia Dmitrienko PhD

Aleksandr Belik PhD


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